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    Exactly when the original Prospect Methodist Episcopal Church was completed is not known. However, the original deed (1835) for the Church is recorded at the Recorder of Deeds office in Dover, DE. The present church was built in 1874 builder Jim Hubbard. It was dedicated by then Bishop Levi Scott in 1877. Kerosene lamps and Coleman gas lamps were used before electric was eventually installed in 1948. Heat was first furnished by wood stoves. Heating was converted to oil in 1948 and then to gas in 1950. In 1970 the front storm doors were donated by the Anthony Gallo family. The original barn doors still exist today.

     In years prior to 1952, preaching services were held every other Sunday afternoon as Circuit Rider pastors were available. In 1972 Prospect Church was moved from the Milford Circuit to the West Harrington Charge and the hours of worship were changed to 9:45am. 

     The first pastors of record were W. Allen and G. Lacy (1835). 

Much of the information recorded here was gathered and written by Ms. Jean Donovan and compiled in a wonderful book that can be seen and shared by many. Note: There is a lot more history written in the book.

Prospect staff and leaders

Contact Pastor Mark Lewis @ 302-242-6868

Address: 5183 Vernon Rd, Harrington, DE 19952

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